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Access safe and affordable non-surgical, cosmetic injectable and dermal aesthetic treatments whilst supporting student Doctors, Nurses and Beauty Clinicians undertake their clinical hands-on training and assessment practices, by being a client model.

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What to Expect

Our training programs provide hands-on clinical training within a supervised environment, aiming to optimise our students’ knowledge and clinical skills. Guided directly by our expert educators, students execute all treatments, incorporating thorough clinical consultations and assessments to ascertain treatment suitability while comprehending the patient’s expectations and goals.

Continuous feedback and discussions between educators and students enhance the learning experience during appointments. Prioritising patient safety, we ensure that our students and patients are well-informed about potential risks, complications, and after-care needs associated with each treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns post-treatment, our team is always available to assist you and to arrange a follow-up review appointment if necessary. 

During all treatments, only leading cosmeceutical products, pharmaceutical products and medical grade technologies that are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) are used.

By completing and submitting the online form, you will be added to our treatment model mailing list where you will receive communications of our upcoming appointments, and you may receive a phone call from our customer support team to understand your interests.

If you see an appointment or treatment you would like to secure, or you would like further information, please call 1300 693 783.

  • Treatments have allocated appointment times with limited spots available.
  • Once appointments are filled, they are no longer available.
  • A valid credit or debit card is required at appointment booking, and it will be stored securely on file in an encrypted format. The card is not charged at this time.
  • Please note, at the time of appointment booking, a verification charge of $0-$2 to ensure validity of the card may be charged. This is temporary and credited back the account.
  • Should a client model cancel their appointment within 48 hours, or fail to attend their appointment, the card will be charged a ‘cancellation / no show’ $50 fee.
  • Should a client model arrive 15 minutes after the appointment start time, the Esteem Academy reserves the right to cancel the appointment and incur a ‘no show’ $50 fee.
  • Cost of treatment for models are at student prices
  • Client models obtain up to 60% OFF the RRP treatment price.
  • Every client model undergoes a thorough medical assessment and consultation to evaluate treatment suitability, gaining insight into individual characteristics, expectations, motivations, and aligning expected treatment outcomes with realistic expectations.
  • Evert client models are assessed for underlying psychological conditions (i.e. body dysmorphic disorder). Per Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Guidelines, if it is identified the patient model has significant psychological issues, the model will be unsuitable for treatment.
  • Every procedure has risks, side effects and downtime.
  • Treatments performed are for cosmetic purposes only.
  • The volume / dosage of product used within the appointment is as agreed upon between the treatment model and the trainer.
  • As the treatment is performed within a training environment, there is no guarantee of the expected results, result can vary.
  • Should any additional product be required at a check-up, the product will be charged at the recommended retail price (RRP).
  • Occasionally, additional product may be required to achieve the required effect, consequently, should this happen, it will be at the client model’s expense.
  • The treatment model is responsible for the at home / post care, which may have a risk of infection if not carried out appropriately.
  • Children are not permitted within the treatment room for the safety of all persons.
  • Esteem Academy reserves the right to determine if a client model is suitable for treatment and can refuse treatment at any time.

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